• Pulmon

    Pulmon is the official publication of the Academy of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine.

    Pulmon is indexed in Index Copernicus. It is an open-access journal. Ever since its introduction, this journal is being published regularly. Past editors worked hard to maintain the quality of the journal. Pulmon was first published in 1999.

    The main purpose of such a publication is to encourage academy members in scientific publication and research work. By publishing our research work, case reports and experience we will have a better understanding of local scenario.

    Having an indexed journal as an official publication is a pride to our association. APCCM will be recognized as a scientific body worldwide and will be considered in guideline formation and policy decisions.

  • Vol. 23, Number 2, (May - Aug) 2021 ISSN 0973 - 3809

    Predictors of post discharge Home Qxygen Therapy and Bilevel
    positive airway pressure therapy in stable hypercapnoea :