Anthraco-fibrosis–A masquerader

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Mithali Panwala


Anthraco fibrosis is a rare condition which has many clinical and radiological features mimicking or masquerading as pulmonary tuberculosis, carcinoma bronchus and silicosis. The biopsy from the lung lesion is the clincher in the diagnosis.
We are presenting here a case of anthracofibrosis in a manual labourer who was working in the stone –cutting and tiles industry. He was engaged in the job actively for years though he was having co- morbidities like diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis etc. A heavy smoker with a smoking index of 600, he presented with chronic cough, dyspnoea, chest pain and melena. His investigations showed ECG changes suggestive of coronary artery disease and chest X-ray
with right upper lobe cavitation and nodules in both lungs. Bronchoscopy revealed bluish pigmentation and nodules in the air ways and narrowing of the bronch in certain areas suggestive of bronchial stenosis. Bronchoscopic biopsy revealed only chronic inflammatory cells. Subsequently, CT guided tru-cut biopsy from the right upper lobe lesion confirmed features of anthracofibrosis. Though there are lakhs of people in India working in the construction industry with work involving stone and tile cutting etc., reports about anthraco fibrosis have been few and far between. Hence
this report.

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Mithali Panwala

Department of Respiratory Medicine, KIMS, Trivandrum