Yellow Nail Syndrome

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Sharada Nair


The ‘Yellow Nail Syndrome’ is a condition characterized by yellowish- brown finger and toe nails, lymphedema of the legs and pleural effusion. It is a rare condition, reported infrequently in literature. This report is of a case of yellow nail syndrome in a 32-year-old female, native of Maldives. She had noticed yellowing of nails along with symptoms of allergic rhinitis ten years ago. She was diagnosed to have asthma with cor-pulmonale from elsewhere. She came here
for surgical treatment of leg edema. She was also found to have yellow nails with allergic rhinitis and asthma. There was no evidence of bronchiectasis or pleural effusion which are the usual reported associations. Cardiac evaluation done revealed no abnormality. Bilateral inguinal nodo-venous shunt was done which relieved her edema to a large extent. Her diagnosis was delayed for nearly ten years entailing a lot of financial burden and mental strain

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Sharada Nair

Department of Respiratory Medicine, KIMS, Trivandrum